Amptweaker TightBoost Overdrive Pedal

The TightBoost™ version of the TightDrive overdrive pedal has less gain, more volume and provides a cleaner boost to drive your amp harder.  Along with the popular Tight control, it also has a Mid boost control that gradually adds a Parked Wah tone.  This makes it easy to add a controlled amount of 'vowel' tone to your boost.


During the 2010 Nashville Amp Expo, local area guitarists participated in the final tweaks to select their favorite Parked Wah Frequencies, and the 2 favorites were put on a switch near the Mid control.  One gives you a 'pushed forward' screaming mid similar to a Michael Schenker tone, and the other is more like the classic throaty wah tone.  By also adjusting the Boost, Tight and High controls, there are a lot of different boosted overdrive tones possible.

While most 'clean boost' pedals have no method for preventing unintentional distortion, the TightBoost pedal uses the same distortion methods as the TightDrive, so when driven hard it has a nice sounding, warm and tube-like breakup on its own.  It's great for providing a solo boost for your amp, or to further overdrive a distortion or overdrive pedal.

Many Product Idea submissions received were from people looking for overdrive and boost pedals that could provide tight low end. This led to the Tight Control, which allows you to adjust the amp's attack, varying it from smooth and singing to chunky and aggressive attack. The remaining High control tweaks the tone in the highs, and the Boost adjusts the overall boost level of the pedal.

As with all Amptweaker handmade pedals, the TightBoost includes an effects loop on the back so you can add whatever you want to this pedal. And there's a Pre/Post button underneath the pedal so you can move that outboard effect to in front of or behind the TightBoost. When you bypass the TightBoost pedal, the other effect or effects will be bypassed as well. This feature is great if you want to further tweak the tone with an EQ in front of or behind it, or to add compression, delay or even another distortion pedal. 


  • True Bypass switch
  • Tight Attack Control
  • Boost, High, & Mid Boost Controls
  • Parked Wah sound when Mid Boost is cranked
  • Two position Wah Frequency switch
  • Effects Loop with Pre/Post switch..tracks On/Off Footswitch
  • LED lit knobs when using a power supply
  • Battery disconnect switch with red indicator
  • DC Adapter jack, 9V-18V, 2.1mm X 5.5mm, center ground(-)
  • Magnetic Battery access door opens w/o tools
  • 14Ga. Steel chassis
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 11mA current consumption(battery)
  • 26mA current consumption(9V power supply) 
  • Dimensions 3.75"W X 5"D X 2"H
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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