Gravity Picks Classic - 1.5mm Standard Master Finish

Acrylic Picks are louder and brighter than a regular pick. This material grips your fingers more and glides across the strings. There are 1,000's of variations to enable you to find the perfect pick. 

Gravity Picks have many reasons for being chosen:

  • Hand shaped and polished by trained professionals to bring quality unmatched at this price.
  • Acrylic material gives you the ability to glide across strings with ease while still giving amazing grip
  • Play louder and faster due to the unique shape and bevel design while still getting instant tonal improvement.

Consistency and long life allow this pick to rise above all others.

The Master Finish brings about a whole new tone. The rough unfinished edge allows you to 'dig in' more and gives off a bit brighter tone

The Gravity Classic Standard is the pick for any one who loves just the classic guitar pick shape and feel. From beginners to pros, this pick is a wonderful choice.