Used Mesa Boogie D-800 Subway Bass Head

Up for sale!  We're offering this used Mesa Boogie D-800 Subway Bass Head.  This unit is in excellent condition with no signs of wear.  Included in this offer is the carrying case, power cord, users manual and original box.  Original warranty is not included.  Here's a description of the amp from the manufacturer:

A First-Ever-For-MESA®, The Ultra Lightweight, Professional Level Class D Subway® D-800™ for Bass

Introducing the Subway® D-800™, where MESA®'s passion for Design Excellence and Portability meet the demand for Great Tone in a simple, accessible package. This first-ever-for-MESA ultra-lightweight, yet professionally power-rated Class D package for Bass boasts an easy to navigate, yet full-featured preamp with all the shaping control you’ll need coupled with a mighty 800 watt musical sounding, reliable, featherweight output section. The result is an amp that can command any venue from a small club to a large concert stage and anywhere in between, yet fits in the pocket of your gig bag!