Used Trace Elliot V-Type All Valve Bass Head and 4x10 Cabinet

Very rare item with less than 14 being made (true number unknown, even reached out to Trace Elliot directly and they could not give a definite number). Powered by 4 KT88 tubes, this thing is a tone MONSTER!! Incredibly warm, yet beefy and full; nothing else sounds like this! Pushing 220 watts RMS (440 watts Peak), this thing can do anything from practicing in your bedroom to playing a gig!

Worried about getting levels just right with the rest of your band mates? Forget about putting a mic in front of the cabinet, and go straight out of the built-in, on-board D.I.. Switchable between 4 Ω and 8 Ω gives you that much more control over your tone and set up. If you've been looking for that head that makes your ears weep and melts your heart, look no further. Trace Elliot is known for setting the bar for bass amps, and this head IS the bar!

This head and combo has been completely looked through and evaluated by our in-house service team and is in complete working condition!