Music Village Custom Electronics Overview

November 29, 2013

Welcome to the new Music Village Custom Electronics blog.  Check back often for the latest in modifications and other custom work we are performing.  We will have everything from basic tube amplifier 'hot-rodding' to fully custom hand-wired creations. 

Here is a small example of some recent work including a completely custom handwired amplifier, and Orange Holy Terror mod, and some custom pedals.  In future posts we will provide details of the work including why we do certain types of mods while staying away from other ones.  Generally we perform only mods that are reliable and provide a cost effective improvement in tone, flexibility, or longevity. 

Obviously some of these factors are highly subjective, but it is very satisfying to work closely with a customer to make their wishes and dreams a reality.  Sometimes that first chord and the resulting smile are the most satisfying part of the whole project.

Early stages of another custom pedal and a custom amplifer based on a '67 Fender Deluxe Reverb.  We recently did a restoration of a well traveled '67 Fender Deluxe Reverb including installing Mercury Power and Output Transformers and doing a complete re-cap job as well as a few preamp tweaks.  This job and several customer reactions to the result convinced us to build a custom amp from the ground up based on this acclaimed circuitry. 

A Pile of parts ready to become our first dual pedal project.  Have you ever wanted the ability to have the same overdrive tone with a gain boost for solos or louder passages?  This pedal answers that need.  This will be a 3 mode overdrive pedal with a separate stomp switch to activate a gain boost.  It is now ready for final hand-wiring and graphics.

Check back for updates on these projects and others!