About Us

Music Village started in 1974 as a true 'mom and pop' community music store.  From our humble beginnings we have been dedicated to providing the very best value in products and services to our customers.  We strive to provide the products and services that will create the best environment to Experience Music.

We are proud to team with brands and manufacturers to provide the most cost-effective options for your music making journey.  We have dedicated substantial resources to our product selection in an effort to make sure our customers get the best value for their investment.  Through our extensive repair and service experience we are able to identify those products and companies who truly provide outstanding value to customers - not just with price but more importantly quality and service after the sale.  We have to believe in the product and service before we can consider making recommendations to our clientele and friends.

Through the years we have changed locations multiple times but our focus have always been on providing the best value to our customers.  Our newest location in Riverdale, Utah has allowed us to expand our selection and service as evidenced by the hundreds of students coming to lessons each week or the large number of manufacturers who have authorized us to perform exclusive warranty repair work  We are now providing repair services for customers and companies throughout the United States and beyond.  Whether you need a quick restring or a truly custom repair we are here to help.  We can get your equipment up and running in middle of a tour or just show you how to tune your instrument.

Music Village is now able to serve a world-wide group of music making enthusiasts through our website and other internet channels.  Our on-line products selection is constantly being updated, as well as a collection of news and information related to music making.

Whether you are looking for a new instruments, need a repair on your prized instrument, or just want to learn how to play the ukulele we are here to help.  We would love to be your guides for wherever your musical journey takes you

We repair all types of musical instruments and sound equipment including everything from brass, woodwind, and orchestra instruments to guitars, amplifiers and the latest in sound equipment and recording gear.  Our new location has allowed us to radically expand our service offerings in musical instrument and sound equipment repair including: Complete re-fret services, intricate crack and brace repairs, custom fabrication of parts, speaker re-coning, speaker cabinet reconstruction, custom tube amplifier building, custom cable and harness assemblies, custom EFX pedals and interfaces.  We accept walk-in and shipped in repairs - contact us at (801) 399-1418 for information for shipping repairs or custom work to us.
Music Village Studios is Northern Utah's largest and most complete music lesson facility.  Our teaching staff is committed to providing individualized lessons that utilize music geared to each student's interests to introduce important musical concepts and techniques that allow the student to quickly progress.  This approach enhances learning and provides a fun and fulfilling experience rather than the 'cookie cutter' curriculum used by some music schools and teachers.
Look for news and announcements regarding expansion of our retail operation as well as new products and information available on our website, and don't forget to follow us on social media as well.