Welcome to Northern Utah's Premier music lesson facility.  Located in Riverdale, just south of Ogden, Utah we offer a convenient location close to shopping and eating areas as well as easy access from I-15. Our easy to access location allows us to serve students from the surrounding areas from Tremonton and Logan in the north to Kaysville and even Centerville in the south.  Come experience the enhanced experience that we offer in lessons for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Violin, Vocal, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone.

We offer fun and satisfying lessons that are individually tailored to each student and their musical interests.  By combining your favorite songs with the presentation of proper technique and musical concepts our teachers can make sure your music making experience is fun and rewarding while making sure to build the foundational music concepts and techniques that will allow your skills and knowledge to improve.

Music Village has been providing music education in Northern Utah for over 35 years. We are proud to have enhanced the lives of thousands of students through music and consistently strive to make our lesson programs the best around, with attention to details not found in other learning environments. Our unique mix of retail, service/repair, and lesson capabilities gives students a one stop location for all of their music-related needs. Come study in Northern Utah’s most complete music product, service, and lesson facility.

What makes our lesson programs so good?  Great program choices; highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors; and a technology-enhanced learning environment.

Program Choices

Our music instruction program consists of a mix of private instruction, group classes, and clinics. Organizing our instruction this way allows us to create the maximum opportunity for learning all of the different aspects of a specific instrument… and music making in general.

  • Guitar & Bass
  • Banjo & Mandolin
  • Brass & Woodwind
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Vocal/Singing
  • Violin

Our private lesson programs feature individualized instruction that is completely geared towards meeting the needs and interests of our students. We strive to provide a fun and engaging atmosphere with an emphasis on working within the students musical interests and learning style.  While we stress the importance of fundamentals, such as learning to properly read music notation, the concepts are presented in different ways, and tailored to fit the student's age, previous experience, learning patterns, and musical interests.  Our teachers are expert at combining a students desire to learn songs they can have fun playing while introducing musical concepts and techniques so the student progresses both in terms of playing ability and musical knowledge.

Group classes, clinics, and workshops are great ways to get initial exposure to learning an instrument, or to study a specific topic in greater detail. Additionally, group classes offer the benefit of a fun and relaxed social atmosphere. While the curriculum for these classes is a little more pre-planned, our instructors still seek to present the topics in a way that best fits the selection of students in the class.

Clinics and workshops are offered on a wide range of topics that are constantly evolving and expanding. These sessions are very focused in nature, and are a great enhancement to private instruction or just to add to a player's knowledge base.


We strive to make all aspects of the learning experience the best they can be. While students do need to bring their own instruments to lessons, many other items are available in our lesson studios for enhancing the learning experience. These items include the latest in technology products to help the learning process.

Tools for recording and digital playback have made learning songs infinitely easier than it used to be. Some of us actually remember having to rewind tapes to play back a song over and over again, or trying to lay a record needle on the exact groove to hear a passage again. These hassles are no more — with immediate access to song locations, looping of difficult passages and the ability to slow down audio, learning is much easier and more fun. We understand our equipment, and our students experience the difference!


People make the difference — and our teaching staff is top notch. You will find a wide range of musical styles and experiences represented in our instructors. Most importantly, these are all people who love music and have a strong desire to share the magic of learning an instrument with their students.

Use the sign up form to register and we will have a teacher contact you - or call us at (801) 399-1418