Korg Monologue Monophonic Analog Synthesizer - Black

A powerful monophonic Analogue synthesizer based on the minilogue but re-designed and re-voiced for a powerful monophonic sound with updates to the sequencer

Following the success of the minilogue, we bring a monophonic synthesizer designed with the same high quality construction, ease of use, great voicing and fantastic industrial design. The monologue has the same spirit of producing great analogue synthesis for everyone, but has a different emphasis in the sounds. We have redesigned the synthesis for a great sounding powerful monophonic synth. The voicing of the filter, modulation and drive section has been expanded the sonic palette to include not just rich basses and cutting leads, but also complex rhythms, especially when used in conjunction with the updated sequencing capabilities


  • VCF changed for 2-pole with more bite
  • DRIVE added for rich bass and cutting leads
  • LFO capabilities expanded with higher rates and deeper modulation
  • 16 step buttons for faster realtime step edits
  • Push button + turn knob for "parameter lock" style motion sequencing