Ultimate Support PRO-X-T-F Folding Tripod Microphone Stand

Pro Series Extreme Mic Stand with Patented Quarter-turn Clutch

Pro Series Extreme microphone stands from Ultimate Support features their new mechanism that allows performers to fold the tripod legs upward for quick and easy storage, with a locking mechanism that makes  sure the stand will be sturdy in use, and secure in transit. The base is made from die cast aluminum, ensuring the stand provides the sturdiness and weight users have come to expect from the line. Featuring the same thick-walled steel tubing shaft design that users expect from the Pro Series, combined with the heavy powder coated finish; the Pro Series Extreme microphone stands remain 20 times stronger than the competition, and will be with you for a lifetime. 

  • Standard 5/8" Microphone Adapter
  • Mic Clutch Takes a Quarter Turn to Adjust
  • Mic Tripod Legs Can Lock in Open or Closed Position
  • Die Cast Aluminum Tripod Base
  • Fixed Mic Boom Tilts, Pans, Rotates, Retracts and Extends with One Touch Adjustment