How to measure your instrument to fit cases or bags

A Bag or Case?
So much goes into choosing the right bag or case for your instrument, but there are several factors which can help guide you along the way. Lifestyle is definitely one of the major players here because it will help determine whether you need the portability of a bag or the extra protection of a hard case. What if I need both? When do the merits of a bag outweigh the extra protection of a hard case. Is a hard case really always better protection than a Bag? Thankfully at ACCESS Bags & Cases we've got both ends of the spectrum covered & everywhere in between.

First off, everybody has their preference when it comes to using a bag or case & that isn't always determined by lifestyle or even by cost or design, but some simple parameters can help you at least make an informed decision whatever your preferences may be.

If you tend to travel a lot, find yourself in and out of automobiles and small venues then the portability & flexibility of a bag may be just what you need. If you play larger venues and your gear is often loaded into large trucks with all your equipment then the extra impact and crush protection of a hard case may be a better fit.

Measuring your Instrument

At ABC, protecting your instrument is our priority, so we thought we'd take a minute to help you understand our philosophy of fitting your instrument to our bags & cases. When looking at a bag or case to protect & preserve your instrument, there are a number of factors at play, the most important of which we feel is the fit. The instrument & the bag or case which is chosen as it's protector & source for transporting really work in tandem to provide the support & structure necessary to protect your investment. The better the fit, the better the marriage of protection & function. Typically if there is an inch or more of space around the body of an instrument in it's case or bag, the less likely it is to protect & support your instrument. There is a little more leeway when it comes to bags compared to cases.

When measuring your instrument to determine the best fit, you will want to know:

Length(L) of the instrument
Length of the body(BL)
Width of the upper bout (UB)
Lower bout (LB)
The waist (W)
Body depth(BD).

The less movement the better, & that's why we designed our Bags & Cases to properly serve & protect a wide variety of instruments while offering unmatched protection for the price.