Blackstar Acoustic:Core30 30 Watt Acoustic Amplifier

Acoustic:Core 30 is the new benchmark in compact easy-to-use acoustic amplification for all singer/songwriters: "The Way You Play Today"

Acoustic:Core was designed to give singer/songwriters the ability to get a professional sound without any sound engineering expertise, then share it via live streaming or recording, or live performance. All in a compact easily portable combo with the option of battery power. Designed by the same team that developed the award winning Sonnet Acoustic Amplifier Series, Acoustic:Core has the most natural sounding acoustic tones ever with the power and flexibility of Blackstar's world-beating CORE digital platform. This take-anywhere acoustic amp is designed for the way you play today: streaming, recording, practice, or live. Its unique Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls make it simple to get a professional sound and the Super Wide Stereo will inspire your acoustic and vocal creativity.


Livestream your performance with a standard TRRS cable to connect direct to your compatible phone and use apps such as GarageBand and Instagram Live. 


4-channel USB audio makes low-latency makes professional recording simple:

  • USB Channel 1 + 2: Main stereo output
  • USB Channel 3: Pre EQ DI for Channel 1
  • USB Channel 4: Pre EQ DI for Channel 2


Proprietary Super Wide Stereo technology with Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls provide a rich, deep and spatial acoustic and vocal sound, delivering an inspirational, immersive sonic experience when practicing or playing live. 


Professional features for live, home and studio use - 3 channels, livestreaming connectivity, USB recording and studio quality effects. Easily adjust the angle of your Acoustic:Core using the built-in Tilt Stand.


  • Power: 30 Watts
  • Channels: Instrument, Mic/Line
  • Instrument Channel EQ: Low, High
  • Mic/Line Channel EQ: Low, Mid, High
  • Effects: Chorus and Reverb
  • Speakers: 2x 5"