Gator GTR-PWR-5 Small Pedalboard Power Supply with 5 Isolated Outputs

Whether you're a minimalist or just starting out, the pedals in you pedalboard need power. The Gator GTR-PWR-5 is the ultimate solution for those small, compact pedal boards that need power without all of the bulk and unused outputs. Offering 5 isolated 9 volt outputs, this power supply is compact enough, but still provides plenty of power.

Dimensions: 4.92" x 4.25" x 1.57"

Weight: 1.6 lbs


  • 5x 9V DC Isolated Outputs at 120 mA Each (600 mA Max Output)
  • AC Power Input with Switchable Voltage Between 115/240V (60-50Hz) for International Use
  • On/Off Power Switch with LED Indicator Light
  • Heavy-Duty All Metal Enclosure with Slotted Vents for Heat Dissipation
  • Integrated Slots Allow for Direct Mounting to Pedalboard
  • Great for Smaller-Size Boards & Setups
  • Includes:
    • Power Cable
    • 5x DC Power Cables
    • Polarity Inverter Cable