Hohner Mini Harmonica w/Necklace


Musical history in vest-pocket format! For spontaneous jam sessions or just as a cool key ring: the Mini Harp is the perfect gift for HOHNER fans, musicians, and harmonica aficionados. With her warm, smooth sound you may not be able to play a whole sonata, but a little tune in between or an accompaniment for others. A small HOHNER for every occasion.

Durable plastic comb

Reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to resilient plastic comb

4 holes

With 4 holes and 8 notes, the Mini Harp spans one whole octave


Reed Plates: Brass, 0.9mm

Reeds: 8, Brass

Comb: ABS, Black

Mouthpiece: ABS

Cover Plates: Stainless Steel

Keys: C

Tuning: Richter

Number of Holes: 4

Tonal Range: 1 Octave

Length: 3.7 cm/1.5"

Includes Necklace