MXR CSP027 Timmy Overdrive

The much anticipated MXR Timmy Overdrive is finally here! Unmatched in its capability to produce a massive range of gritty, textured tones, this pedal will enhance your rig's sound, while preserving the fundamental voice. Add on the fact that it is housed in an MXR mini housing, this pedal will free up so much space.

The Timmy Overdrive is based on veteran pedal builder, Paul Cochrane's design, the predecessor of this pedal has been widely celebrated among high level pros; from first-call Nashville player Kenny Greenberg to first-call L.A. player Lyle Workman, to rockstar Brad Whitford. Paul decided to go to a wider audience, and chose the MXR design team to help him do it.

The Timmy Overdrive is a dream come true for working guitar players, thanks to Paul's innovative implementation of clipping options and tone control. The Clip switch offers 3 different styles for a multitude of scenarios, whether you need big and bold, always-on sound with headroom to slam the front end of your amp, a more compressed/saturated sound for fat chords, or something right in between. Bass and Treble controls provide further refinement in two key ways. First, they're cut-only, keeping the signal's character intact while making it easy to dial in a clean boost. Second, Paul wired the Bass control to affect signal pre-OD so you can maintain your low end at lower Gain settings. The Treble control is wired to affect your post-OD signal so you can adjust the top end to keep dirty settings smooth and musical. 

Last, but definitely not least, the MXR design team and Paul worked together to select an op-amp that perfectly complements his expertly crafted design. They chose the LF353, a component well-respected by Dunlop engineers for providing high output, high gain, and hi-fi signal delivery. The result: a professional-grade must-have pedal to deliver sweet, harmonic breakup that also responds to playing dynamics and maintains a rig's personality, for a fraction of the standard pedal size.