Nomad NMS-6163 Desktop Microphone Stand w/Weighted Base

Finding the right low profile microphone stand for your desktop can be quite tricky. The base is too big, the stand itself is too big, not sturdy; the list goes on and on. Luckily, Nomad Stands has come up with the perfect solution. Introducing the NMS-6163 desktop microphone stand with a boom arm and weighted base. Able to sit out of the way but extend the microphone out to where you want it, this stand is ergonomic and convenient. With the addition of the weighted, low profile base, its footprint on your workspace is minimal but still able to do what you need it to do. This stand can also be used as an onstage or studio kick drum microphone, again saving space and reducing the possibility of someone tripping over it.


  • Telescoping Boom extends up to 16”
  • Comfort Clutch for quick and easy adjustments
  • Height Adjustable from 8-14” for optimal placement through bass drum mic port or in front of amps
  • Stand weight (without/with base): 1.8 lbs/7.2 lbs