NUX AC-60 Stageman II Studio 60 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

Natural Sound for Acoustic Guitar and Vocal

The Stageman II AC-60 has two channels and both are optimized for acoustic guitar and microphone inputs respectively. The dual-input channels provide you with even more options for gigs or studio recording. Equipped with NUX's latest DSP technology, the Stageman II AC-60 delivers pure, rich acoustic sound with projection far beyond its size. The Stageman II AC-60 has flexible outputs for both stage and recording applications, and its designed for your interface needs. XLR DI output and Line output jack can be used as an analog audio-out for recording or sending to a monitor. To accentuate your customized sound, Send/Return FX Loop inputs interface with any of your essential effects gear. 

High-Sensitivity Speaker System for Playing on Stage

It's never easy to find ideal speakers for instrument amplifiers, especially for the acoustic instruments. After hundreds of times of trying speakers from different suppliers, NUX eventually decided to customize their own speakers to capture the exact sound we wanted. We triumphed by combining two refined speakers (a 1 inch tweeter and 6.5 inch woofer) into Stageman's cabinet. Equipped with this creative 2-way high-sensitivity speaker system, the Stageman II delivers incredible sound dynamics. To top it off, NUX's cabinet design features a beveled-angle carefully calculated to provide optimal live sound monitoring. 


  • 60 Watts Rich Warm Sound Acoustic Amp with 6.5" Premium Speaker and 1" Tweeter
  • 2 Independent Channels with Routing Adjustable Post-Effects
  • Acoustic Impulse Response
  • Drum & Loop (60 Second Phrase Loop)
  • Bluetooth Audio Stream
  • Free APP Controller
  • USB Firmware Update
  • Dimensions: 12.2" x 11.02" x 12.91"
  • Weight: 20.24 lbs.
  • Includes: NMP-2 LITE Dual Footwsitch, TRS Cable (for NMP-2), Power Adapter, User Manual