Peavey RX 22/22XT Diaphragm Kit


  • Combined replacement diaphragm kit for RX™ and 22XT high frequency drivers.
  • RX™ 22/22XT diaphragm kit includes ferrofluid, 22XT spacer gasket, 22XT mounting screws, installation instructions, and material safety data sheet.
  • Weight Packed: 0.35 lb(0.16 kg)
  • Width Packed: 6"(15.24 cm)
  • Height Packed: 9"(22.86 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 2"(5.08 cm)

This diaphragm is compatible with the following speaker models:

HV1200, PR1500, 1522HC, CL-2, CL-1, 115 Int. Series III Oak, HKS-15, 115TF, 112TI, 115TI, HV1280, PR1280, SP2XT, SP4XT, SP5XT, DJS1800, 112SE, Impulse 200, SP2G, SP4G, SP5G, Impulse 200P 112DLM, 115DLM, SP112M, SP115M, Impulse 200 4 Ohm, SP3G, SP6G, Impulse 1280, 115CM, 115TF, Impulse 1282, HV1282, 112TLM, 115TLM, Impulse 200 8 Ohm, 1522TLS, Impulse 500, DS1502, DS1803, DS3003, 1545TI, MF1-X/MK-3 Series, SP2Ti, SP4Ti, SP5Ti, 115 Int. HC, 118 Int. HC, 3020HT, 1245M, HDH-1, 112PS, HDH-4, 115TF Bleached Oak Enc., Impulse 500 4 Ohm Impulse 500P
Impulse 1012 8 Ohm, Impulse 1012 4 Ohm, Impulse 1012P, Impulse 1015 8 Ohm, Impulse 1015 4 Ohm, DJS4, DJS 5, SP2X, SP3X, SP4X, SP5X, SP5XL, SP6X, SP112MX, SP115MX Impulse 1015P, QW 3, QW 3F, TLS 6X, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP12M, SP15M, SP 8