Used Roland SH-5 Vintage Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

A true gem and rare find, the Roland SH-5 is a classic but quite advanced monophonic synthesizer, with two of everything you could want and ask for. Featuring two VCO's with triangle, ramp, square and pulse waveforms, two LFO's, two filters, two VCAs, white and pink noise generators, and a whole lot more. 

The oscillators can be modulated by the LFOs or the ADSR envelope generator. The two LFOs include controls for rate and waveshape: ramp, reverse ramp, triangle, sine, square, delay; and there is also a Sample + Hold feature. The two multi-mode filters include hi-pass, low-pass, and band-pass filtering with cutoff, resonance, keyboard tracking, envelope sensitivity (AR, ADSR or preset) and modulation (ramp, sine, square, s+h) controls plus an additional band-pass-only filter. The two VCAs offer Attack/Release and ADSR envelopes which can be triggered by the Sample + Hold, LFO #2 or an external audio trigger input.

Extra features include the standard SH-type Mixer section with 5 sliders to adjust noise, VCO1, VCO2, ring mod and an external signal levels. Each of these 5 signals can be individually sent through the VCA, the multi-mode filter, the band-pass filter or both. The SH-5 even has stereo output with panning controls in the VCA section and portamento! The Ring Modulator alone is enough to wet your appetite for this synth. A serious analog mono-synth with lots of flexibility for creating serious electronic and dance music. Wanna know what it can sound like? This model was used by both Eat Static and Freddy Fresh.

This synth is in amazing condition and has been fully serviced, inspected and verified by our in-house, nationally recognized service team.