Walrus Audio Canvas Tuner Digital Guitar and Bass Tuner Pedal

Arguably the most important pedal on your board, the Canvas Tuner ensures that you rinstrument is ready to sound its best with the perfect meld of versatility and precision. The Canvas tuner ensures that you have the most accurate brush to paint your sonic picture.

Uncompromising Accuracy

Precise and accurate tuning you expect with +/- 0.1 cent accuracy and multiple tuning presets.  Tune with confidence, allowing your music to shine with clarity.

A World of Sound at Your Fingertips

With a flat frequency range spanning from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the Walrus AudiTuner is ready to handle tuning for low bass notes to high-strung acoustics. Even bassists needing that low B rumble can tune with confidence. 

Tailored to Your Preferences

The 2.8" TFT LCD display is your window to pitch-perfection. Its crystal-clear quality ensures your tuning is always on point, even under the blazing stage lights or glaring sunlight.

Your Aesthetic, Your Way

Match your style with ease. The Walrus Audio Tuner comes with eight color themes and multiple screen savers including custome picture mode allowing you to personalize your tuner to fit your unique aesthetic.

Tune Faster with Tune Assist

Let Tune Assist guide you swiftly and accurtely through your tuning process. Quick and easy tuning has never been so effortless. With Tune Assist, once your note stays in tune longer than a pre-determined threshold, a border outlining the display will  flash letting you know that you are in tune and can move to the next string.

Verstaile Bypass Options

Enjoy ultimate flexibility with buffered bypass which routes your aduio through Walrus Audio's clean, low-noise, high headroom audio buffer with a Total Harmonic Distortion ratio of 0.001%. This buffer offers a high input impedance of 1M Ohms and low output impedance of 400 Ohms to maintain the highest level of single integriy. Other available bypass modes include relay bypass, monitor mode, and pass-thru.


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Tuning Accuracy: +/- 0.1 cent
  • Power Requirements: 9V DC, 300 mA
  • Dimensions: 2.21" x 2.42" x 4.55"