Yamaha DTX8K-M High-Grade Electronic Drum Kit w/Mesh Drum Heads - Real Wood

*Does not come with foot pedal or throne*

New Evolution in Electronic Drums

The DTX8 Series comes equipped with the DTX-PRO module that possesses the same tone generator as the DTX-PROX module. The birch shells are painted the same way as Yamaha acoustic drums resulting in new pads that are as beautiful as the real thing.

The DTX-PRO features real sounds and real sampled room ambience recorded in world-renowned studios, KIT MODIFIER knobs that inspire creativity and hardware that is sturdy and easy to use. This new standard DTX captures the very essence of the flagship model.

Reproducing the way a drum behaves when struck is a key factor in the playability of electronic drums.

Yamaha has undertaken an exhaustive investigation of how drums respond when hit, leveraging this information to achieve a truly faithful representation of instrument behavior. Moreover, professional drummers from around the world have evaluated the performance of the DTX-PRO, further allowing Yamaha to improve its expressive capabilities. Our expertise as a manufacturer of music hardware has allowed us to offer combinations of expertly-crafted modules and pads that deliver superb playability.

The DTX8 Series features the DTX-PRO sound module, which has the exact same sound engine found in the flagship DTX-PROX module. Each module is capable of stunning sound quality. Choosing the correct trigger setting* to suit the pads being used will allow you to fully enjoy the sounds.\

The DTX8 Series uses Yamaha drum hardware that is highly trusted by professional drummers all over the world.

Easy-to-adjust ball clamps have been adopted for the toms, while the unique boom-retractable tilter design of the cymbal holders allows them to be used straight or as booms. Snare and hi-hat stands are also included and support the player with typical Yamaha robustness, playability and stability.

The best practice functions featured in previous DTX models are also found in the DTX-PRO. Along with the sophisticated programmable metronome, the module offers a comprehensive recorder function, 10 training functions that are ideal for players of all standards, as well as 37 training songs that allow you to learn various genres. Beginners and professionals alike will find the DTX8 training functions a useful aid for daily practice.

Yamaha understands it is incredibly important that drummers are able to hear themselves clearly, so the DTX-PROX module comes equipped with a high-precision, low-distortion, low noise and high-power headphone amplifier. This circuitry delivers high-fidelity sound directly to the player, and it envelops the player in a realistic drumming sound stage.

The DTX-PROX comes with a download code for the latest version of Cubase AI.

By connecting the DTX-PROX to your computer with a USB cable, all recording, editing and mixing necessary for modern music production can be done using this powerful software.