Crown XTi and XTi2 Amplifier Repairs

January 21, 2020

Crown XTi and XTi2 series amplifiers have been some of the most prolific and widely used power amplifiers in the sound equipment market for many years.  These are exceptionally good amplifiers in the lightweight and efficient category of power amplifiers while also being affordable and reliable.  The same technology is used in the CDi and DSi series of install specific power amplifiers.

While their reliability is certainly good, as with all things electronic there will be some failures ranging from simple connection issues to output section or power supply failures that are more complicated to troubleshoot and fix.  Many of these problems can be avoided with proper operation and maintenance but there may also be times that a failure means a repair is needed,

We have extensive experience in troubleshooting and repairing all types of amplifiers including the high efficiency and lightweight designs using switch mode power supplies and extensive control circuits to monitor amplifier operation.  Because of the complexity many times it can be complicated or intimidating for many technicians to tackle these amplifiers.  We are equipped and experienced in dealing with these technologies including the rework of surface mount components and the proper repair procedures, calibrations and performance verifications to be made on these newer technologies.

Crown XTi SMT Components

A look at the extensive SMT technology on XTi circuit boards

The Crown Xti amplifiers are universally built upon a design integrated into one uniform circuit board assembly which necessitates different troubleshooting methods to isolate problems.  Additionally with the integrated switch mode power supply and high efficiency controlled output sections any measurements used for testing must be referenced to the appropriate ground or alternative reference point.  It is not recommended to attempt servicing these amplifiers without proper training and documentation as there can be dangerous voltages present including on exposed components even when the amplifier is powered off or unplugged.  We see a lot of amplifiers with extensive damage caused by improper repair attempts that cause more damage than a typical failure would cause.

Crown XTi Circuit Board Assembly

Crown XTi complete circuit board assembly removed for service

Crown XTi chassis is basically empty once the PCB assembly is removed

If you have a Crown Xti or XTi2 amplifer in need of repair feel free to contact us for help.  We receive repair units from all across the United States and can get your amp back up and running and shipped back to you ready to rock!