February 08, 2023

Our shop has been seeing a common issue come up with the JBL EON One Compact portable speaker where customers are seeing either the unit no longer powering on due to the power button no longer making proper connection or the power button falling inside the unit. Our technicians have repaired many of these units, as well as providing a modification that will reinforce the power button to prevent this issue from recurring. We also have some tips to prevent this from happening to your unit, watch the video or read on to learn more!

This issue likely comes from a combination of two things, confusion over the function of the tact switch power button and the slow boot process of the unit. The power button of the JBL EON One Compact is a small tact switch which does not provide a lot of movement and does not stick down into an on position, we see many times that because this button does not function the way that many other power buttons do users end up over pressing or jamming on the power button to try to get it to work. This confusion is not aided by the fact that the unit has a very slow boot process. The proper way to power up this speaker involves pressing the power button just until you hear a click and holding for only a moment then waiting patiently for the green LED lights around the controls to come on. Once the LEDs have come on, the unit is ready to go. To power down the unit, press the power button until it clicks and hold until the green LEDs turn off. 

In order to repair a unit that is no longer powering on due to the tact switch no longer making contact or the button having fallen in the unit completely, our technicians will replace the tact switch and then as a factory authorized service center we use a modification that has been approved by JBL to reinforce the back of the switch so it is supported from the back to prevent the issue from occurring again. There is also a firmware update that can be performed that can adjust the boot process so that when the power button is pressed and the boot process starts there is a red LED on the Bluetooth button that lights so you know the boot process has started instead of crossing your fingers while waiting for the green LEDs around the controls to turn on. You can watch the video above for an example of the function of the firmware update.

If you have a JBL EON One Compact that is having problems with the power button, let our technicians help you out! Our shop is located in Riverdale, Utah but we accept repairs shipped in from all over the country and you can be assured that your repair will be completed professionally by a fully authorized service center. 

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