-ESP LTD VB300 Baritone Guitar Rewire-

May 28, 2013

This ESP LTD VB300 baritone is a very cool guitar. This one also has upgraded EMG pickups which is great, except the wiring.

Whoever installed these tried real hard, but failed real bad! There were a total of 4 battery clips, which is crazy. They also left lots of extra wires, which could have been shortened. They also installed a very cheap jack, which i will replace as well. This kind of bad wiring can cause some problems. Mainly noise, which is something we try to avoid at all costs..

It's just as easy to start over from scratch and do it right. I will also get rid of that mess of battery connections and install a battery compartment. First I needed to layout where I wanted the compartment. The blue tape is an indication for the center line of the body. From there I figured out where to put it. I then routed the cavity to the proper depth and size.

Once that was finished, it was just a matter of re-wiring and tightening everything up. It was great project that turned out very good. The guitar is now ready to rock! Most important was that the customer was very happy... and that's the idea....