- Peavey Wolfgang Intonation Adjustments-

June 29, 2013

This Peavey Wolfgang electric is a very cool guitar. It has such a good feeling neck and ultra low action which allows for some fast playing. Unfortunately some of the saddles were not adjusted right causing some notes to sound way out of tune.

In the picture above, you will notice the "A" string saddle sitting ahead of the "D" saddle. It's not normally suppose to be like that. In the next pic I will show how they are suppose to look when properly adjusted.

As you can see, the "A" has been slid back and the "G" slid forward slightly. A couple of the others had to been moved a little as well, but they are harder to see. This type of adjustment is very important to have correct. The length of each string must be set in order for the guitar to play in tune up and down the neck. This is referred as "intonation". Or string compensation. When this is out of adjustment, you have have some chords that sound good, and others that just sound horrible. If your guitar has these symptoms, I would recommend taking in and getting it checked. Not much is more annoying than a guitar that will not play in tune.

Other than that, this guitar just needed to be cleaned up and get some new strings on it. After all was said and done, it played like a dream and in tune!!