-Schecter Diamond Series Electric Guitar Pickup Install-

July 16, 2013

This guitar was brought in by a customer to have some Seymour Duncan pickups installed, along with a couple modifications to allow for different tones.

This is a pic of the stock pickups. Stock pickups in this series of guitar are just OK. Not terrible, but not great either.

I will be installing Seymour Duncan's Hot Rodded Humbucker set of pickups. Next to it you can also see a new push/pull potentiometer. This will be replacing the original volume control and when it is in the up position it will split the coils allowing for single coil mode. This is a common mod that will give you all sorts of tone possibilities.

This is a pic of the original wiring. I will be removing most of the wires and parts.

Here it is with everything gutting and ready for the new electronics.

This is the new potentiometer just before soldering all the connections.

Here's a pic of the pickups wiring before installation. These are 4 conductor pickups allowing for all sorts of wiring options.

This is the final result. Pickups sounded great! Most important is that the customer was very happy with it.

Pickups are great way to upgrade your guitar. They are much more affordable then buying a new guitar, and you can really choose what kind of tone you're after.....