May 03, 2018

In today's post I will be featuring this 9 string Ibanez that the customer wants a new EMG pickup installed in the bridge position.

It came to me as you see it without the bridge pickup installed. The EMG is slightly bigger than the original cavity, so this guitar will require some routing.

First step was making this custom routing template.

Next step was to route out the area. This requires a VERY sharp bit! Nice and dusty!

Here's a shot of the new pickup cavity.

Next step was to mount the new EMG.

Then mount the hardware and wire the pickups.

This required all new volume, tone controls and jack.

I wired up an 18 volt circuit to help drive this massive pickup! Luckily I was able to fit the batteries and all the components in the existing cavity.

All said and done! This guitar turned out awesome and had a really aggressive tone!

On to the next job!