April 15, 2016

Announcing the exciting arrival of a very special Breedlove Masterclass Auditorium guitar.  This is a much anticipated guitar, with a gorgeous back and sides of high grade Black Walnut and a stunning Sitka Spruce top, this instrument epitomizes the craftsmanship and expertise of the Breedlove factory.

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Here is a video of opening up this instrument for the first time:

Breedlove Masterclass Auditorium Setup

Life gets very exciting for a guitar of this caliber as there is so much work to do getting ready to find a permanent new home.  After first inspection it is time for a detailed setup to verify and adjust string height and overall playability.  This includes: final shaping of nut and saddle, neck adjustment, and a complete inspection of all frets for finish and proper polishing.


Breedlove Masterclass Auditorium Photo Shoot

Next up is a photo shoot.  Always fun trying to get all of the right angles to show off the awesome wood used on a guitar like this.  Wood grain detail and the highly reflective surface of a highly buffed finish are tricky and we always want to try to give a representation that is as impressive as in person.

 Now it is time for the play test (interviews).  This is where we get to really experience the magic of master craftsmen working with some of the best tone woods in the world.  Here are a couple of videos in standard tuning and open tuning. 




Staying hydrated is super important for such a fine instrument, or any acoustic guitar for that matter.  We love these Music Nomad humidifiers.

 Just chillin' after a full day of work!!

Breedlove Masterclass Auditorium Chillin'