November 18, 2017

The holidays are here!!!! That means it is time to eat tons of yummy treats, watch Christmas movies all day long, snuggle up by the fire, and drink hot chocolate!

Oh, and shop for the perfect gift for your loved ones! 

Selecting that perfect gift can be stressful to the max, especially if you have a musician on your list, but not to worry! We have compiled a list of the perfect gifts that are sure to put a smile on your musician's face this year! Read on to find what you need to have under your tree this year! 

For the Guitar Player in Your Life

Breedlove Acoustic Guitars

Breedlove Discovery DreadnaughtMasterclass ConcertoBreedlove USA MoonlightOregon Concert MyrtlewoodBreedlove Frontier ConcertoBreedlove Pursuit Exotic Sitka/Koa

Breedlove guitars are awesome! This is one of the very few companies that make excellent  guitars for everyone from beginners to professional guitarists!  Breedlove guitars consistently offer incredible value and quality at every price point.

For the beginning guitar player take a peek over at their Discovery Series. These guitars are constructed using techniques that you do not typically see in affordably priced instruments.   Scalloped bracing, graduated tops, and pinless bridges are build features that greatly enhance the tone and performance of a guitar but are rarely offered in the lower price ranges. 

The construction of the top of an acoustic guitar has a drastic effect on tone and the overall response of the instrument.  In entry level guitars you can choose between solid or laminate top woods. Laminate top woods are great as an affordable option, however they do not allow for responsive playing of dynamics as a solid top does and don't allow a student to really develop their talent past a certain point because the instrument is not capable of doing what they would like it to do. With a solid top guitar you are getting an instrument that will truly grow with the student (solid woods tend to sound better over time too), so while they will probably invest in other guitars as they become more experienced players (it is an addiction) they will never outgrow their first guitar. That is why we love the Breedlove Discovery Series so much, they offer a solid top guitar that is built to last for a very reasonable price. Click here to shop our selection. 

Breedlove also offers guitars at every other price-point! Their Pursuit, Solo, and Stage Series are unrivaled values in acoustic guitars w/ electronic options on most models.  Additionally the  Pursuit Exotic and Stage Exotic Series feature a number of guitars with different exotic tonewood back and side sets perfect for those looking for an upgraded instrument with incredible aesthetic beauty and unique apperance.

The Breedlove lineup of US built instruments can't be beat! They have so many options from the USA series featuring instruments that weigh just 3.5 pounds (yes, it is that light) to their signature Oregon Series featuring Myrtlewood, a wood native to Oregon.  The newer Frontier series features all solid Mahogany construction while the Premier and Legacy series offer unique tonewood combinations with outstanding tonal quality.  Journey series guitars feature certified Brazilian Rosewood complete with harvest and compliance documentation ensuring that these instruments will be prized as instruments and investments.  For those looking for the absolute ultimate finely crafted instrument their is the stunning Masterclass line featuring premium quality tonewoods, stunning worksmanship and unreal tone. Additionally Breedlove is an outstanding custom shop that can build the instrument of your dream to your spec. There truly is something for everyone from Breedlove.  Check out our selection (the largest in Utah) in store or click here, or contact us to contract a custom instrument.

PRS Electric Guitars

PRS SE Zach Myers SignaturePRS S2 Custom 24PRS SE 245 PRS SE Mark Holcomb SignaturePRS S2 SinglecutPRS SE Custom 24

PRS is another brand that we love! They are very similar to Breedlove in that they have something for everyone! 

The PRS SE Series features many different models of electric guitars that all hit incredible price-points, including many artist signature models! These guitars are some of the absolute best values in the industry with incomparable build quality, features, wood selection and finishes.  SE Custom models feature mahogany bodies with laminated maple tops (none of this 'photo lame' nonsense).  The more affordable SE Standard models have all mahogany bodies and simpler finishes.  PRS SE models are proof positive that a quality instrument can be yours for a reasonable price

PRS USA models have become the gold standard for electric guitar building. With immaculate finishes and outstanding feature sets all geared toward enhancing the performance of the instrument a PRS guitar is a stunningly beautiful and great sounding instrument that you will want to keep forever.

Peavey Amplifiers

 Peavey Classic 30Peavey 6505 Head

Let's be real about one thing here, musicians don't really believe in being quiet. With that in mind, every guitarist needs an amplifier. Not only do amplifiers make you louder, they can also have a great impact on how a player sounds. Peavey is a flagship  brand for amplifiers. They are well known within the industry (you see their products on stage with tons of artists and bands like Lynyrd Skynrd, Black Stone Cherry, Jason Aldean just to name a few). They have amplifiers made for every kind of tone you could ever want. Want a super distorted, heavy metal sound? There's an amp for that (take a peek at the 6505 lineup of amps for that classic heavy metal crunch). Want a super clean, vintage sound? Check out amps like the Classic 30 or Delta Blues. Looking for an amp that does it all? Look at their Vypyr amps, these modelling amps are full of different amp tones as well as effects to really dial in that sound you are looking for! 

Peavey makes amps at every price-point so be sure to check out their full lineup to find the perfect one! They even make amplifiers for acoustic guitar players! So check those out here

Guitar Straps 

Levy's Guitar StrapLevy's Guitar StrapLevy's Guitar Strap

They'll try to tell you differently, but guitarists are really into fashion. ;) Guitar straps are the must have fashion accessory for every guitarist! They are a way to express style and personality while playing an instrument you love! Plus, they are totally necessary for any performing guitarist, don't want to go dropping your precious instrument in the middle of a song! 

Levy's Leathers is a premier guitar strap maker, they have many options ranging from plain colors, to sublimated prints, to top quality garment leather straps. Their selection is so broad that we know you will be able to find the perfect strap for your loved one (or for yourself)! Check out all of our straps here

Guitar Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Music Nomad Care Supplies

 Music Nomad Guitar OneMusic Nomad HumidifierMusic Nomad String WinderMusic Nomad Fret Polish

Care supplies are essential for every guitar player! Music Nomad is our brand of choice when it comes to all instrument care needs! They make top quality polishes and cleaners to keep your instrument looking new! And they also make humidifiers, the #1 necessity for guitar players living in our dry, Utah climate (or any other desert-like climate), they help to prevent the woods from shrinking and cracking, and also help keep the instrument's warranty valid! You can buy their products individually or get the ultimate care kit with their "Dream" care package. You can shop the full lineup of products here

D'Addario Eclipse Tuners

Guitar strings are forever going out of tune. So unless you have trained yourself to be able to tune your guitar by ear, an electronic tuner is an invaluable tool for every guitarist! One of our favorite tuners on the market today is the D'Addario Eclipse tuner! They are incredibly accurate, clip right to the headstock of the guitar for added accuracy, and are super easy to use! These tuners are chromatic too! Which means that you can use them to tune any instrument! And they come in a variety of fun colors so you can find your favorite!

For the Pianist You Know and Love

Yamaha Holiday Bundles

P45 Holiday BundleP115 Holiday Bundle

We featured the Yamaha P-45 and P-115 digital pianos in last year's gift guide but they are just too good to not feature again this year! Especially since Yamaha has now featured both of these models in a holiday bundle that includes a digital piano (either the P-45 or P-115), a bench, and a furniture-style stand! These bundles offer an incredible value! If you're looking for a digital piano this holiday season, this is perfect for you! 

For the Future Recording Genius 

PreSonus Interfaces

PreSonus Studio 68PreSonus Studio 192 Mobile

A recording interface is a must for multi track recording on a computer.  Stock sound card just do not have the processing horsepower to enable accurate playback while recording new tracks.  The result of this lack of horsepower is dropouts or latency (delays) in the recorded versus playback sounds.  Pretty much impossible to make a good recording in this way. 

PreSonus is one of the top names in the recording world. These guys have created the most user friendly recording software on the market today and the best recording interfaces! Presonus interfaces and software are built by people who are musicians and recording enthusiasts first and engineers second (this makes a BIG difference in usability). 

The Audiobox series of interfaces are incredible values as entry level interfaces and are offered in several bundles with other recording essentials.  For an upgrade in preamp quality and processing there is the Studio series including the Studio 26 and Studio 68.  The Studio 192 and Studio192 Mobile offer enhanced processing and stellar quality mic preamps, these are serious interfaces that can crossover into the professional realm.

For those users looking for the latest Thunderbolt connectivity we have the new Presonus Quantum and Quantum2 award winning interfaces

PreSonus Monitors

PreSonus R80Eris E5

So you have recorded some killer track and now it is time to mix and produce the final product.  For the best results a good set of monitors is a must.  While headphones can be great for laying down tracks, they do not provide the accuracy in sound field or reference to what the mix will sound like through the typical playback system.  A good set of monitors gives an accurate reference for making changes to the mix for EQ, stereo panning, layering etc. 

Presonus monitors are one of the best values in the industry for accurate and affordable monitors.  The Eris series monitors feature common configurations in the E5 and E8 along with the E44 and E66 MTM configurations for a wider stereo field and enhanced response.

For the ultimate in high frequency response and smooth top end Presonus offers the R65 and R80 models.  These monitors have so much detail you will be noticing things you could never hear on lesser monitors while experiencing no ear fatigue common in other designs.  These models compete with monitors costing 3 times as much and will win blind listening test most of the time.

Audio-Technica Headphones

Audio-Technica AT-M50xAudio-Technica AT-M40xAudio-Technica AT-M30x

Every person wanting to get into recording has to have some good headphones. And some of the best headphones come from Audio-Technica. They are used in recording studios around the world and are known to produce quality audio! Not only are they great for recording, but they are awesome for simply listening to tunes as well! We have several staff members who own a pair, and they will never switch to anything else because the audio quality is second to none! So trust us when we say these are a must! Shop the line here

For the Drummer

Yamaha Drum Kits

Yamaha Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha has a long reputation for excellent quality of drum craftsmanship! They have a wide selection as well! From beginners (check out the Rydeen series of drum kits) to professionals, and everything in between. Yamaha has got you covered.

They also have a lineup of electronic drum kits that are perfect if you're shopping for a drum kit but don't really want the noise of an acoustic drum set. Simply plug in some headphones and your drummer can pound away all they want while you (and the neighbors) can enjoy some peace and quiet. Electronic kits also take up a fraction of the space that acoustic kits do. You can shop electronic kits here

Mapex Drum Kits

Mapex Drum KitMapex Drum Kit

Mapex is relatively new to the drum market, but they pack just as much of a punch on their quality while not putting a strain on your budget! They have tons of different options! Super affordable options like their Rebel series, to design-it-yourself kits from their MyDentity custom shop. And they offer many different, and creative wrap designs on their kits. You certainly need to check them out if you are in search of a drum kit this holiday season! 

Drum Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Music Nomad Care Supplies

Music Nomad Drum Care

We talked about Music Nomad earlier with guitar care, but they also have an impressive lineup of drum care supplies as well! Keep your drum set in tip-top shape with Music Nomad! Shop their products here! 

Drum Sticks

Drummers can never have to many sticks! I mean, they do kind of have to have them in order to play! So they are the perfect thing to slide into their stocking this holiday season!

Other Ideas


Holiday Lessons

Giving the gift of music is something that will be cherished for years to come! You are not only giving them a physical gift, but something that will bring joy and pride in developing a talent. We offer lessons for nearly every instrument imaginable! Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and sure to offer the best learning experience to anyone looking to grow their abilities! You can check out bios of all of our instructors here! And did we mention that we are currently offering a special on lessons? Just in time for the holiday season! Check out all the details here


Kala UkuleleKala UkuleleKala Ukulele

Ukuleles are such a fun instrument for people of all ages! They have grown in popularity over the years and prove time and time again to be a favorite holiday gift! There are so many different options to choose from. With fun colors and stunning woods you really can't go wrong! Check out our selection of ukuleles here