August 22, 2017

It's that time that every school aged kid dreads. The signs start going up screaming 'Back to School' and all the school supplies start coming out. You have to start thinking about waking up before 8 a.m. and start stressing over that horrible math homework. But there is one thing to look forward to: band or orchestra class! So here are the things you need to be prepared to have an awesome year in band or orchestra:

Band and Orchestra Necessities

For the woodwind master:


RCA0320 Clarinet Reeds

Did you know reeds come in all different sizes? When we say size, it references how thick the reed is. Thinner reeds = easier to play. Thicker reeds = better tone. So how do you know which one is best for your student? Typically students start out on a size 2 or 2.5. These sizes are thin enough that a student can play them, but they still produce a fairly good tone. Rico reeds are a perfect place to start, a quality reed for a decent price! And they come in 3 packs so your student will have plenty of backups! 


Rico Mouthpiece

I mean, how are they going to be able to play if they don't have a mouthpiece to blow into? 

Cork Grease

Cork Grease

It makes putting your clarinet together or putting that mouthpiece on SO. MUCH. EASIER.

Reed Guard

D'Addario Reed Guards

Reeds are fragile things, but one way to lengthen the life of your reeds is to store them inside a reed guard! These little devices keep your reeds from chipping, warping, cracking, and just overall keep them in good condition! We love the D'Addario reed guards and they come in fun colors to match every student's personality! 

Care Kit

Herco Clarinet Care Kit

Care kits are a great way to save money and get all the care supplies you need! They include the necessities and then some! Swabs, cleaning cloths, mouthpiece brushes, and more! 

For the brass playing prodigy:


Blessing Mouthpiece

Well, it would be pretty hard to play a brass instrument without a mouthpiece. But like reeds on a woodwind instrument, the mouthpiece is essential to the tone of a brass instrument! So picking a good one is necessary! Our tip, stay away from plastic mouthpieces. The price may be tempting and the colors are exciting. But the tone of plastic mouthpieces is just not good! Spend a little more and get something that sounds good! 

Valve Oil

BJ2 Blue Juice Valve Oil Music Nomad MN703 Valve Oil

Keeps everything moving smoothly! Blue Juice has been the ever popular valve oil over the years, but Music Nomad debuted one that lasts longer and requires less plus it is petroleum free! You can pick up your bottle here

Care Kit

Herco Brass Care Kit

Again! Care kits are a great way to go! Various different swabs and brushes to keep the inside of your brass instrument nice and clean! Even though you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't need to be cleaned! 

Polish and Polish Cloth

MN701 Silver PolishMN730 Polish Cloth

Keep your brass instrument nice and shiny! Not only does it make it look awesome, but it keeps the lacquer on your instrument in tiptop shape and helps it to last forever! 

For the string virtuoso:


 Dark Rosin

Rosin is essential because it is how you make your string instrument produce sound! Rosin is essentially hardened tree sap (to put it in the simplest of terms), you rub it on the hairs of your bow. This causes the hairs to become a little stick and enables them to pull the strings as you glide the bow over them, thus producing sound! We recommend our students in Utah to get dark rosin because it is a little stickier and tends to do better in our dry, desert, climate. 

Shoulder Rest

EZ4A Shoulder Rest

Shoulder Rests make is easier and more comfortable for a violinist or violist to hold their instrument. It keeps them from slipping and holds the instrument in the proper position. 

For All School Musicians:


Back To School Instruments

We have a large selection of instruments for school students! This year we have added rentals in affiliation with Veritas Instrument Rentals! We are so excited to be able to help more students get into music! Taking #yourmusicoutfitters even further than ever! If you want to rent your instrument through us, you can do it in store or follow this link and enter code 'riverdale' from there you can select your instrument and the instrument will be sent straight to your house! Easier than ever!