August 13, 2018

Back in August of 2017, members of our staff got to tour the Two Old Hippies factory in Bend, Oregon. As part of the tour, they got to access the wood vault that houses all of the wood used to craft the Breedlove, Bedell, and Weber instruments, including the stock of high grade top wood sets and back wood sets. While browsing through the stacks of wood sets, our staff made some selections for top and back/side pairings for some custom built instruments for the Breedlove luthiers to work their magic on to create stunning guitars.

After months of patiently waiting and seeing the progress of our custom builds through pictures sent to us by staff at Breedlove, we finally have the third and final guitar that was spec'd out during our staff's trip in August. 

Custom Built Breedlove Sinker Redwood Walnut Guitar

This guitar is a true fingerstylist's dream instrument. 

The concert body on this guitar is long heralded as the favorite of fingerstyle players for its ability to produce such dynamic tones and really allow the player's technique to shine through. Concert bodies are also known for having a very balanced tone as opposed to their Dreadnought counterparts who can sometimes get a little overwhelming with their bass response. And the cutaway on the body allows players easy access to the upper frets. 

Concert Body with a Cutaway on Breedlove Custom Guitar

The Sinker Redwood top and Walnut back and sides are also heralded as the premier tonewood combination for fingerstyle playing. The Redwood offers incredibly harmonic tones which, when paired with the textured tones of the walnut, really create just a beautiful sound that really enthralls the listeners and draws them into the music. 

Sinker Redwood Top on Breedlove Custom Built GuitarWalnut Sides on Breedlove Custom Built GuitarWalnut Back on Breedlove Custom Built Guitar

One of our favorite parts of this incredible instrument is the honeycomb fretboard inlay which pays homage to our home state of Utah, the Beehive State. Though still simple and understated, these inlays give a unique twist to traditional inlays found on guitars. 

Honeycomb Inlay on Breedlove Custom Built Guitar

This instrument is a true dream both sonically and aesthetically, if you are looking for a gorgeous instrument for fingerstyle playing then look no further. 

Want to read about the rest of the custom built guitars we designed while at Breedlove? Click here! And let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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