August 20, 2018

The Breedlove Oregon Series is one of our best selling guitar series. The myrtlewood used in the construction of this guitar is incredibly unique and sounds amazing. 

Periodically Breedlove will do a limited edition color of their Oregon Concert model which pays tribute to something found in the state of Oregon, which they call home. To start the series they released the Oregon Concert 'Rogue' with a color which mimicked that of the Rogue River, followed up by the deep red 'Manzanita' which was modeled after the red sap from the Manzanita tree, they then moved on to the 'Emerald' which showcased a stunning green as tribute to the emerald gems found in abundance in Oregon, up next was the gorgeous, sparkly blue 'Cobalt' model which paid homage to the cobalt element that is found in Oregon.  

Oregon Concert RogueOregon Concert ManzanitaOregon Concert EmeraldOregon Concert Cobalt

Their newest addition to the lineup is the Oregon Concert 'Ghost' which perfectly resembles the fog which descends on the coastal mountains where Myrtlewood grows in Oregon. The gray-black fade finish on this instrument is incredibly unique and absolutely stunning, truly capturing the resemblance to fog over mountains. 

Breedlove Oregon Concert GhostBreedlove Oregon Concert GhostBreedlove Oregon Concert GhostBreedlove Oregon Concert Ghost Headstock

Only 25 of these instruments were made, so grab yours today before it's gone forever! Click here to see the full specs.