March 09, 2018

Welcome to our Friday Favorites blog series! Each Friday we will be picking one of our favorite products to give you an in depth look! Everything from high end guitars, to wireless mic systems, down to picks and strings!

This week, our Friday Favorite is the Breedlove Discovery Series of acoustic guitars! These guitars are absolutely perfect for beginners looking for an instrument that will last a good long while, advanced players looking for a great sounding budget guitar to travel with, as well as people looking to upgrade from a basic instrument. 

The Discovery Series features 2 different body shapes, Breedlove's signature Concert body as well as the traditional Dreadnought body. Each of these body shapes have distinct tonal properties and playing comfort factors to consider.

The Dreadnought body is the most common acoustic guitar body shape and is an excellent choice for someone who plays songs with a lot of heavy strumming, it can be found in the hands of a lot of country guitarists hands as well as many rock guitarists for when they want a stripped down sound to their music. Dreadnought bodies offer a big, full sound with lots of bass response.  

Dreadnought Body       Concert Body
             Dreadnought Body                                     Concert Body

If we take a look at the Concert body we see that it is a narrower depth and just generally smaller (the upper and lower bout are much smaller than on a Dreadnought). The smaller size of a concert body changes the bass response and takes away a lot of the boominess that a Dreadnought has. This very even response makes Concert body instruments very popular for fingerstyle playing but they still sound really good for strumming and other playing styles. Another benefit to the Concert body is that since it is smaller, kids and smaller stature adults who may have have troubles reaching around the large body of a Dreadnought can comfortably play a Concert body. Since this is still a 'full size' instrument there is no  need to worry about outgrowng the physical dimensions of the guitar.

All Discovery series guitars feature a solid wood top for the absolute best tonal response possible.  As opposed to a laminated top, solid top instruments sound much more lively with better tone and a greatly improved response to playing dynamics.  This makes it much easier for the player to create expressive louder versus softer notes.  Additionally top the bracing is scalloped to enhance resonance and response.  These details have helped the Discovery series redefine what to expect out of a guitar in these price ranges.

One of the main reasons we love the Breedlove Discovery Series (and the Breedlove brand as a whole) is their quality control. Our extensive experience in guitar servicing has given us a great appreciation for those companies who handle importing with attention to detail and hold the overseas factories to high quality standards.  Breedlove is definitely among the industry leaders in this regard.  Even with their import lines of guitars (Discovery through Stage Series), they inspect each guitar in their Oregon factory before sending it out to dealers. Each guitar we sell goes through our shop as well for critical final setup and adjustment.  This makes it so when you purchase a Breedlove guitar from us, you know that it is a guitar you can trust.


Breedlove Discovery Concert CE Sunburst
Discovery Concert with Cutaway and Electronics in Sunburst


Other options available in the Breedlove Discovery Series are a choice of color between natural and a gorgeous sunburst. Model versions with a cutaway and electronics are also available so you can plug into a PA system, amplifier, or computer input (it also includes a built in tuner, so you don't have to purchase one separately).

The Breedlove Discovery Series is one of our top selling guitar lines , and we know that when a customer walks out the door with one they will have an instrument to enjoy for a lifetime. Many players end up purchasing additional guitars for their collection, but still keep their Breedlove Discovery to travel with (they're great for playing around the campfire). We consistently hear rave reviews from owners who purchased one of these guitars, from both old and young players.

Ready to buy one of your own? Click here to shop our selection. We know you'll love it!