October 30, 2023

This week's Guitar Vault feature is the absolutely stunning Cole Clark Angel 3 Series acoustic guitar with all Camphor Laurel tone wood!

Cole Clark is known for their unique construction - being the only mainstream steel string acoustic guitar manufacturer using Spanish Heel construction. This construction type is typically used by classical guitar makers. Guitars built using this construction style start the build process with the neck first, the neck features a 'U' shape at the base which the back, sides, and top are then attached to. Cole Clark also uses a ridge system to join the top, back, and sides rather than the typical kerfing. This results in a very resonant instrument. 

In sticking with their tradition of using sustainable, native Australian tone woods Cole Clark selected all Camphor Laurel for the tone wood of this guitar. This tone wood has a nice mid-range tone that is great for strumming and sounds amazing amplified. As an added bonus, it smells incredible!

Cole Clark is probably most well known for their proprietary PG3 pickup system which blends a traditional Piezo, face sensor, and microphone pickup with controls to dial in your perfect tone. By combining all of these types of pickups, it gets rid of the annoying parts of each individual type (goodbye quacky Piezo tone) and enhances the benefits of them. 

This is an incredible instrument. Watch the videos above for more details and a demo and visit the product page to shop!

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