October 15, 2021

We are so excited for the latest release from G&L Guitars! They have put so much work into their Tribute Series of guitars and basses and they were already amazing but they have made a few changes that we are ecstatic about!

New Colors

Every model in the Tribute Series got a fresh update of new colors, and they are pretty spectacular! New additions include Shell Pink, Emerald Blue, Bright Blueburst, and Shoreline Gold. They have brought back Candy Apple Red to the lineup. Also available is Black and White Satin Frost for an awesome matte look. This color refresh is seriously so fun and everything looks so good!

Goodbye Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash availability has become very limited due to many environmental factors and the demand for it, so G&L has switched all of their Tribute models that previously featured Swamp Ash to be Sassafrass, a more sustainable wood that will give a similar look and tone to it's predecessor. 

Hello Satin Necks

This is probably the thing we are most excited for, all G&L Tribute Series guitars will now have satin necks instead of gloss. The feel of a neck is very important for guitar players, and it's also a very personal preference, but we are so excited to see satin necks come to the entire Tribute Series because we think they feel so nice and are easy to move up and down the neck compared to gloss. And G&L's satin is so nice!

Welcome Back Rosewood

For the past few years, since the CITES Treaty went into effect, G&L switched from using Rosewood for the fretboards of their Tribute Series to using Brazilian Cherry. But with the recent musical instrument exception to the CITES Treaty, Rosewood is back! That is cause for celebration! 

Comment below to let us know what you think of these new updates to the Tribute Series! And if you want to get your hands on one of these new beauties click here to shop our selection!