November 27, 2020

We are excited to announce the arrival of the new Yamaha DTX 6 Series electronic drum kits.  These kits feature the new Yamaha DTX Pro module along with upgraded pad and cymbal features for an incredibly realistic and enjoyable drumming experience for all levels of drummers.

The Yamaha DTX 6 Series features 3 Kits (SHOP HERE)

  • DTX 6K  $999
  • DTX 6K2  $1499
  • DTX 6K3  $1799

We will break down the differences between the 3 kits below but first let's take a look at the module which is common to all 3 DTX 6 Drum Kits.  Introducing the DTX Pro Drum Module 'next generation' electronic drum set power and control.

Yamaha DTX6K Electronic Drum Kit Module

DTX Pro Module Features

  • 700 Sounds
  • 40 Preset Kits
  • 200 User Definable Kit Memory
  • 14 Trigger Inputs
  • Aux In Jack
  • Headphone Jack w/ flexible audio routing control
  • Instrument Level EQ, Compressor, Transient Shaper, Insert EFX
  • Kit Level Ambience, 2 Selectable EFX, Compression, Master EFX
  • Global EQ applicable to all Kits
  • Metronome w/ 30 Click Sets, Subdivision and Accent Options
  • 10 Training Functions
  • 37 Training Songs
  • Record performances into internal memory
  • Compatible w/ Yamaha Rec-N-Share App for recording performances
  • USB port functions as audio interface and data port for updating/transferring instrument samples

All levels of drummers will appreciate the 700 realistic drum samples, arranged into 40 drum kit presets.  Additionally the user can use the 'kit modifiers' and simple front panel controls to edit instrument and kit level parameters to create their own drum kits and store to one of the 200 memory locations.

Trigger inputs for 14 pads means expansion of the base kits is easy at any time.  An included Aux input makes playing along with pre-recorded music easy as well as functioning as a microphone input for video conferenced lessons or remote collaboration.

Practice and training tools included in the DTX Pro Module help beginning and experience drummers improve their feel and timing.  A built in metronome enhances the included training functions and training songs to make these kits true learning and performance tools.

Recording and listening back to performances is one of the best ways to improve playing technique and feel by analyzing technical nuances and mistakes.  The DTX Pro module facilitates recording with internal memory or the Yamaha Rec-N-Share app. The USB port functions as an audio interface for recording to your favorite DAW software or the included free download of Cubase AI software.  Additionally the USB port be used to facilitate streaming for lessons or collaboration. 

DTX 6 Series Kit Configurations


Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit

  • KP-90 7.5" Kick Pad w/ multi layer cushioning
  • TCS Texture Cellular Silicone Pads - 8" Snare, 7" Toms
  • 3 TCY-135 Cymbal Pads 13" Triple Zone - 2 Crash, 1 Ride
  • RHH-135 HiHat Pad Mounts to Traditional HH Stand for Realistic Feel


Yamaha DTX6K2-X Electronic Drum Kit

  • KP-90 7.5" Kick Pad w/ multi layer cushioning
  • 8" TCS Texture Cellular Silicone Pad, Toms Rubber Pads (3)
  • 3 TCY-135 Cymbal Pads 13" Triple Zone - 2 Crash, 1 Ride
  • RHH-135 HiHat Pad Mounts to Traditional HH Stand for Realistic Feel


Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Kit

  • KP-65 5" Kick Pad
  • 8" Rubber 2 Zone Snare Trigger Pad
  • 7" Rubber Single Zone Tome Trigger Pad
  • 10" Crash Cymbal Chokable
  • TCY-135 13" Triple Zone Ride Cymbal Trigger
  • 10" Rubber HH Trigger w/ Separate Pedal Controller

With great feature sets and incredible price points, along with the proven rugged reliability of Yamaha gear, these drum kits are sure to be a premier choice in electronic drum kits.

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