July 13, 2021

Breedlove has long been known for their continued innovation in mastering and optimizing the tone of their guitars through processes like Sound Optimization or through the creation of their unique Concert, Concerto, Concertina, and Companion body shapes. They are also a very Earth conscious company who wants to do their part to help preserve and protect our planet. In what is possibly their biggest and most comprehensive product launch to date they combine both of these driving principles to create the new ECO Collection.

Using their new EcoTonewood technology Breedlove has once again found a way to maximize the tone of their guitars, this time by doing away with the mystery soft wood layer that is traditionally found in the middle layer of guitars featuring laminate wood construction and instead opting for sustainable, clear cut free African mahogany as the middle layer; providing a richer tone while also being Earth friendly. With this collection drop, all new 2021 and forward Breedlove guitar models will use no clear cut woods.

The ECO Collection features 3 series:

  • Discovery S
  • Rainforest S
  • Pursuit Exotic S

All of the acoustic electric models in this collection feature the Fishman Presys I side mounted pickup with built in tuners, a highly requested feature by many customers. 

The Pursuit Exotic S series uses exotic Koa and Myrtlewood as the tone wood options on all models in the series, featuring beautiful burst finishes to highlight the wood. In addition to traditional 6 string models, there are also 12 string, nylon string, and acoustic bass (both fretted and fretless) models available in this series. 

In the Rainforest S series Breedlove uses all mahogany as the tonewood and features 4 unique pore filled finishes; Black Gold, Papillon, Orchid, and Midnight Blue. These models come exclusively in a Concert body. 

The Discovery S series gets very in depth with Breedlove's research into guitar tone and what tonewoods sound best with each body shape. In the Discovery S series all Concerto body guitars feature a solid Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides to provide the booming, bright tone that entices players who prefer a more strumming heavy playing style. Concertina and Companion body models will feature a solid red cedar top that provides a more nuanced and warm tone that complements the lighter, fingerstyle playing style that these bodies are perfect for. While the dynamic Concert body comes in body solid top wood options so players can pick which combination suits their playing style best. 6 string models in this series are available in cutaway and non-cutaway options. The series also includes 12 string, nylon string, and acoustic bass models. 

The Breedlove ECO Collection truly has something for everyone and every price point. Click here to shop the collection.