We are excited to offer Cole Clark guitars as part of our curated selection of guitar brand offerings.  Designed and built in Australia, these guitars are prominently featured in our MV Guitar Vault collections, social media and event presentations.  Cole Clark is an important partner in our efforts to provide high quality instrument options to our customers.  Outstanding build quality, unique construction techniques, gorgeous sustainably harvested wood selection and well though out and engineered pickup systems are hallmarks of this Australian guitar brand.

 Cole Clark guitars are constructed using a ‘Spanish Heel’ design to build the neck and body as a unified piece rather than joining the neck and body after they have been individually constructed.  This build technique is combined with using a ridge system to join the sides to the back and top, giving Cole Clark guitars a unique sound character that pairs perfectly with their advanced pickup technology for an instrument that sounds fantastic played acoustically or reinforced through an amplification system.

 Cole Clark focuses their wood selection on tone woods that are sourced from their native Australia landscape.  Sustainability and environmental stewardship are important values that guide the company’s mission to provide top quality instruments that look and sound incredible.

 A major part of the Cole Clark mission and concept for acoustic guitars is to have the very best, natural sounding amplified tones possible.  A well thought out and superbly engineered pickup system is combined with the unique construction techniques to deliver amplified tones that are aurally pleasing and well controlled for performances or recording.