We are proud to announce that we are now offering a full selection of Gravity Picks! From bluegrass flat pickers to the heaviest of metal bass players, these picks have been put to the test and are absolutely fantastic!

Made from a compressed acrylic, these picks offer ultimate rigidity, a bright tone, and a real nice grip. For those who are wanting even more grip though, they also offer grip hole options (from just a circular hole, to an elliptical hole, to Multi-hole choices) from 2.0 mm and thicker. 

The compressed acrylic material is also extremely durable, being able to withstand hours upon hours of heavy strumming to screaming solos to just out right shredding. This is the last pick you may ever need. Just make sure to always check the washing machine or dryer in case you left it in your pocket after a long shred sesh.

Check out our selection, pick a couple up (or try out the variety pack for a comprehensive layout of what Gravity Picks offers) and experience a new playing experience!