By far one of our favorite picks, the Tusq line of picks by GraphTech offers the player a selection of harmonically tuned picks that can completely change to tone of your guitar, depending on the situation you are presented with.

Offered in three tone configurations: Bright, Warm, and Deep, these picks can enhance your guitars tone, or change it to more suit the mood of the song being played. For instance, you love the really dark sounding all mahogany acoustic guitar, but for this one song its too dark and lacking the bright, upbeat qualities you've heard in other guitars. Grab a "Bright" pick and suddenly that guitar transforms to having a bright spruce top and upbeat tone.

These picks don't just work on acoustic guitars, they also work on electric guitars. Say you love your guitar, can play a song perfectly with the track, and you love the tone from the amp but you want just a little more dark sound. Grab one of the "Deep" picks and see how it offers just a little more darkness. 

Try out a couple tones, try out a couple of different shapes, and see how your tone changes. Believe us, these are the real deal, no gimics!