Electronic Repair Shop Introduction

April 04, 2014

Welcome to the blog for Utah's Premier Electronic Musical Instrument, Amplifier, Sound and Recording Equipment repair facility.  We are proud to offer a complete service facility with the ability to make your gear perform as good or better than new.  We offer services on everything from the latest digital electronics to vintage tube amplifiers and specialize in customization, modifications and upgrades.  Our service area is not limited to Utah however, we perform repair work for customers all over the United States and even world wide.  We are factory authorized to perform warranty repair work for most major brands, and work closely with manufacturers to perform the latest updates and engineering changes on a wide variety of gear.

Equipment we perform repair service on includes: guitar and bass amplifiers, effects pedals and processors, mixers, power amplifiers, recording interfaces, keyboards, digital pianos, speakers, studio monitors, and much more.

Custom Tube Amplifiers - Restorations - Modifications

Tube  guitar amplifiers are our passion - nothing else can give you the pure tonal bliss of a properly dialed in tube amplifier.  Whether you are looking for the ultimate clean tone with pure ringing harmonics, or the heavily overdriven tones of the best high gain amplifier - tubes are the magic!  Proper tube selection and bias adjustment can really make a huge difference in how an amplifier performs.  Additionally proper modifications to important preamp and tone circuits as well as appropriate changes in bias or power output circuitry can really improve the performance of many off the shelf amplifiers.  If you are looking for a restoration of that prized vintage amplifier, modifications to a workhorse favorite amp, or want a one of a kind hand wired tone monster we can help you achieve your guitar tone dreams!

Custom Effects Pedals and Signal Routing Solutions

Effects pedals are an essential part of the guitar or bass players tool kit, and there are a ton of options out there.  Due to the large quantities most manufacturers are producing they have to make some tonal concessions in order to appeal to the widest range of people.  We have tons of experience in performing modifications and upgrades to production effects pedals and through that experience we know where it is most common for the manufacturer to cut corners.  Due to a high demand and multiple requests for high quality alternatives we have been custom building a few select options in distortion and overdrive pedals.  These have been very well received and we have decided to offer a few models in very limited quantities.  Beginning in April 2014 we will have several models in the store available for demo with a limited number to be built to order.

High Quality Parts - Expert Solutions

We have partnered with a multitude of manufacturers and parts suppliers to offer the best in custom upgrade and high quality replacement parts and vintage restoration supplies.  Coupled with our extensive experience and dedication to details - you can be assured of a top quality repair, modification or restoration.