Martin DX1 Back Damage Repair

February 12, 2014

This Martin DX1 guitar came into the shop after it had taken some damage and needed the back to be removed and put back on. It also had some problems with the top coming loose.

It took a hit in the side and popped most of the back loose.

As you can see in this photo. It also caused the string action to raise up quite a bit.

It also caused the top to come loose. So that will need to be reglued as well.

Here's another shot of the top damage.

First step was to completely remove the back to see what else was going on. As you can see, some of the kerfing has fallen off of the lower bout.

Here you can see that I've reglued the kerfing. Next step is to fix the top crack.

It was just a matter of getting it glued and clamped. Then a little touch up. Next step is to get the back on and some adjustments.

Here is a pic of the back being glued back on. Simple masking tape is used and gives enough strength to hold the seams together.


Here it is all glued back together.... This guitar was also very dry, so in the next few pics I will show the change in the top from when it's dry to when it has been re-humidified..

By laying this straight edge across the top you will notice that the top is concaved or it has sunk down. This is a very common problem. It's all caused by dryness. When a guitar gets this dry the top can sink so much that the strings can sit right on the frets and you will not get many clear notes from your guitar.

This is what it should look like. It's now back to the arch that we like to see. Even though many people call them flat tops. They are in fact built with a slight arch in the top. This gives strength and helps project sound.

Now that it has been put back together and humidified, that action sat right where it needed to be. This repair took quite a bit of time, but when it was finished it sounded and played great.

Just another day in my busy repair shop!!