Fender Stratocaster Tronical Tune and Bladerunner Bridge Install

February 13, 2014

A customer brought this Fender Strat in to have some modifications done. What will be included is: installing Tronical Tune auto tuning machines, a Bladerunner Bridge System, the Mag-Lok bridge stabilizer, a new nut and setup.

Here's all the parts before installation.

First step was to remove old tuning machines and locking nut.

Next will be removing this bridge (which is the Super-Vee bridge) and install the new Bladerunner bridge.

Bridge removed.....

New Bladerunner bridge installed... It was quite an easy swap. Just unbolt the old bridge and bolt on the new one. Of course there will be some adjustments that will be done was everything is installed.

A shot of the back cavity before I install the new Mag-Lok bridge stabilizer.

Here you will notice the springs and the new Mag-Lok system installed. This system allows you to bend the strings without the trem system sagging like they normally do. Once you use the whammy bar then the magnet gives way and it works just like normal.

Next step was installing a new nut. On this guitar we decided to install a Tusq nut. Tusq is a great material and shapes very easily.

Lastly I installed the Tronical Tune machines. They went in with no problems. The last part of the job was to install strings, do a little bit of setup, then program the tuning machines. From the factory it includes 12 popular tunings and you can program an additional 6 custom tunings.

Check out some videos here.



It was a fun and different project! Really not a repair, but more like a complete modification.