Tama TG 120S Acoustic Guitar Bridge Reglue

March 13, 2014

In today's blog I will be regluing a loose bridge on this Tama TG120S acoustic guitar. This is a very nice all solid wood model, but it unfortunately needs some work.

As you can see in these two photos, quite a bit of the bridge has become detached from the top.

It was so loose, I was able to get a simple business card right under the bridge. I believe this guitar was subject to low humidity, and it may have led to the bridge coming loose.

I was fairly easy to remove the bridge. In the next step I will clean up both the bridge and the top in preparation to be reglued.

This bridge came of very nicely and only left a little bit to clean up. Not all bridge come off this cleanly. I think I was lucky on this one.

Here's the bridge all cleaned up and ready to be glued.

Here's a shot as it's getting glued on... All that glue squeeze out will be cleaned up as I go.

This is the setup I used. It was quite a simple setup, but it took much thought to get it all lined up and set correctly.

Here's a couple shots of it just after I removed the clamps and cleaned up the glue.

And here's the final result. This reglue went very well, and turned out as a good as you can hope for. Now the customer will have many more years of enjoyment on this guitar...