March 16, 2018

Back in August of 2017, members of our staff got to tour the Two Old Hippies factory in Bend, Oregon. As part of the tour, they got to access the wood vault that houses all of the wood used to craft the Breedlove, Bedell, and Weber instruments, including the stock of high grade top wood sets and back wood sets. While browsing through the stacks of wood sets, our staff made some selections for top and back/side pairings for some custom built instruments for the Breedlove luthiers to work their magic on to create stunning guitars. 

It took some time, as to be expected with a custom built instrument, but the first of the instruments to come from our team's hand selections has arrived! Feast your eyes upon this gorgeous Concert body guitar with a highly figured Port Orford Cedar top and Masterclass grade Myrtlewood back and sides! 

Walnut heel cap on a custom Breedlove guitar

This guitar is a true stunner; in both looks and sound. The gorgeous woods paired with Walnut binding and a neck inlay featuring a "Hooks" design really go together nicely to make one good looking guitar.

The Breedlove craftsmen used their Sound Optimization technique on both the top and back wood of this guitar to really bring out the best tone possible. Sound Optimization is a new technique being used exclusively by the team of builders from Two Old Hippies (the parent company of Breedlove, Bedell, and Weber). It involves tapping the top wood set and recording the frequencies produced into a computer program. This computer program will then tell them how thin to shave the wood to be to produce optimal tone. As each tree grows a little differently, and even the same tree can have sections that are denser than another due to environmental conditions, each cut of wood used in guitar building is going to respond slightly differently based upon it's density. Sound Optimization aims to take away some of the variation in response by sanding the different top and back sets to slightly different thicknesses (we are talking millimeters here) to account for the varied densities. This means that whenever you pick up a guitar with a specific wood combination from the Breedlove US made lineup, it will sound the same as the next one with the same wood combination. No more picking up two of the exact same model guitars and them having vastly different tones from each other. 

Figured Port Orford Cedar top on a custom built Breedlove guitar"Hooks" inlay on a custom built Breedlove guitarMasterclass grade Myrtlewood back and sides on a custom built BreedloveMyrtlewood back and sides on a custom built Breedlove guitar

If you're interested in this guitar, you can check it out here. Or come visit us in store. 

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