March 23, 2018

Welcome to our Friday Favorites blog series! Each Friday we will be picking one of our favorite products to give you an in depth look! Everything from high end guitars, to wireless mic systems, down to picks and strings!

This week's Friday Favorites will focus on one of our favorite companies who is putting out incredible USA built instruments! And that would be G&L Musical Instruments in Fullerton, California! 

So here's a little bit of history on G&L and why they are so awesome. So back in 1965 when Leo Fender sold the world famous Fender company to CBS, it was thought that he just got out of the business. Wrong! He actually founded 2 more companies after selling of Fender, and one of those companies is G&L Musical Instruments. G&L gets it's name from both of it's founders; George Fullerton and Leo Fender. So G&L guitars are all the ideas that Leo Fender had after selling Fender to CBS, so you could say its like Fender 2.0. And even after Leo Fender's death in 1991, G&L continues to carry on his legacy with their attention to quality and their superior level of craftsmanship. 

G&L Headstock

G&L offers 3 main lines of guitars; the Tribute series which is made overseas then imported into the US where it gets a final quality inspection before shipping out to dealers, their USA made production models which are all hand made in their Fullerton, California factory, and their Custom Shop models which are completely built to order based upon specs from the individual person/dealer purchasing the instrument. 

The great thing about G&L is that they offer so many options in their USA made production models that it is essentially like you are getting a custom guitar because by the time you select which color, pickguard, pickups, etc you want from their production spec list you will be pretty hard pressed to find another guitar with the same specs out there. Plus it will cost you far less than a full custom shop guitar would (bonus!). 

We had a lot of fun visiting the G&L factory while down in California for the NAMM Show this year, we got to look over a list of their USA made production models that were already built and then go dig through a sea of boxes to find the ones that intrigued us, and then they shipped them right to our store! The guitars got to Utah before we did! It was so fun to see all the different things that G&L can do just on production model guitars, not to mention the crazy things they have coming out of their custom shop! But the coolest part was getting to talk to the luthiers who actually build the instruments, they are all so passionate about building quality instruments and are very exact with their build process. It is so nice to talk to the people who actually create the product and see that they truly love what they are doing, it makes us want to stand behind that company even more! 

So here's a look at a few of the USA production models we picked up while visiting the factory! If you're interested in buying any of these guitars, click here

G&L ASAT Classic 'S' in Surf GreenG&L Legacy in Graphite Frost MetallicPearl Dot Inlays on a G&L Legacy in Old School Tobacco BurstColor Matched Headstock on a G&L Legacy in WhiskeyG&L Legacy in Belair Green