September 23, 2019

When you design a custom guitar it is so exciting, then you realize you have to wait a few months to see the finished product and that wait is not too fun! You spend months picturing what the guitar will look and sound like and sometimes it's just really hard to wait; but it is always so worth it in the end! Last August we designed an absolutely incredible, unique guitar with Breedlove and we have been (not so) patiently waiting for the final product to come in but it is finally here and we could not be more excited to show you this guitar! We are absolutely enamored with it! 

Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Ocean Sinker Redwood - Walnut Acoustic Guitar Ocean Sinker Redwood and Figured Walnut Raw Wood Selections Custom Built Breedlove Ocean Sinker Redwood - Walnut Acoustic Guitar

When we were visiting the Breedlove Guitars factory in Bend, Oregon last August we got to spend some time in their wood vault and found a super exciting stash of Sinker Redwood that had been salvaged from the ocean rather than freshwater where it is typically found. When we saw this piece of wood we knew we had to use it to build a custom guitar with! Sinker Redwood is known for its absolutely incredible tone, especially among fingerstyle players and it is one of our favorite tonewoods, but having been recovered from the ocean this piece of wood got a very rich grey-brown hue rather than the typical red-brown hue that Sinker Redwood is known for. So we snagged this amazing top set of wood and went in search of the perfect back and side set to complement the Ocean Sinker Redwood. We ended up finding an absolutely stunning piece of figured Walnut that would provide this guitar with an absolutely incredible tone and a showstopping look as well. 

Ocean Sinker Redwood on a Custom Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar Figured Walnut sides on a Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar Figured Walnut back on a Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar

Sinker Redwood and Walnut have long been hailed as the "perfect" tonewood pairing for fingerstyle players as the Sinker Redwood provides beautiful, harmonic tones that pairs well with the textured, earthy tone of the Walnut to provide an overall incredible tone that really enthralls the listener and the player alike. We also selected to have this guitar built with a walnut neck with a semi-gloss finish to give the player a neck with a nice feel and ease of travel up the neck. 

We opted to have this guitar built in a Concerto body shape which has become one of our favorite body shapes for an acoustic guitar because it is just so versatile! It performs well with heavy strumming and singer songwriter type playing but it also absolutely sings when played fingerstyle. 

Black Mother of Pearl Rosette on a Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar Hooks Inlay on a Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar Black Chrome Tuning Machines on a Custom Built Breedlove Concerto Acoustic Guitar

An additional detail for this guitar that we selected was to have all inlay be done in black mother of pearl, this adds to the dark appearance of this guitar but when it catches the light it is absolutely beautiful! We selected a 'hooks' style inlay for the neck which pays tribute to the fact that the top wood was salvaged from the ocean. And the wide black mother of pearl rosette is certainly eye catching. We also selected black chrome tuning machines for this guitar which complements the black mother of pearl inlays perfectly.

If you are looking for a truly unique looking guitar with an absolutely incredible tone that is perfect for fingerstyle playing but also performs well as a strumming guitar, look no further than this one of a kind beauty! Click here for full specs and details. 

Interested in a custom built Breedlove? Contact us to speak with one of our expert guitar specialists today and let us help you design your dream guitar! #YourMusicOutfitters