September 23, 2019

Have you ever picked up a guitar that just felt like magic in your hands? It played perfectly and every note just sang in perfect harmony with the next? Did you then go pick up another guitar of the same make, model, and tone wood combination just for it to feel... meh? This can be a very frustrating thing as a musician trying to find that perfect guitar, you would think that guitars of the same make, model, and tone wood combination would all sound the same.  Well, Breedlove has cracked the code as to how to make each of their guitars in the same series with the same tone wood combination produce the same magic as the next. 

When looking at the problem of how two guitars crafted the exact same way even using woods from the exact same trees could vary so much in tone, Breedlove discovered that the density of wood from the same tree could vary up to 30% which causes the tone of the wood to change drastically. Now came the challenge of how to combat the variance in density. In order to ensure that each of their guitars sounds consistently amazing (which they do by the way), Breedlove developed a new, unheard of technique in crafting their guitars called Sound Optimization.

Prior to Breedlove's Sound Optimization breakthrough, guitars were crafted using a predetermined thickness for the woods used for the instrument without accounting for the variability in tonal characteristics in the woods. However, the Sound Optimization process takes each individual piece of wood used for each individual guitar crafted and studies the frequency, density, and deflection of each piece. The data is then analyzed by Breedlove's team and each piece of wood is carved and sanded to the dimensions which will provide the optimal tone. And from there, each top wood is paired with it's perfect match in a back wood. The sanding process for each piece of wood is specific to the body shape, playing style, and top/back pairing which the craftsmen will be using the wood for. 

Breedlove craftsmen check the voicing and frequency of each piece of wood at nearly every step of the build process; when the wood set is bookmatched, when the bracing is put on, even when the whole instrument is assembled to make sure that the guitar will produce the very best tone that it can. 

Basically, if you are looking for a company using cutting edge building techniques to produce consistently brilliant sounding guitars out of top quality woods, look no further than Breedlove and their Sound Optimization process! For more info on Breedlove's Sound Optimization process, click here.

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