November 27, 2018

Music is a very rewarding hobby that does result in an undeniable gear fixation in the afflicted.  Finding an affordable gift for a musician is not always an easy task. But fear not, we are here to help you find the perfect gift for the musician in your life, without breaking the bank! The gifts in this list range from $5.00 to $99 so you are sure to find a gift in this list that your wallet and musician will love! So scroll down for inspiration!

Guitar Picks - $5

Guitar Picks

Guitar players are constantly losing their guitar picks, like literally always, so you can never really go wrong with buying them a pack of guitar picks because it is pretty much guaranteed that they will need them! Pick packs are super affordable too! Most packs are around $5 for a pack of 10-12. 

Care Supplies - $5 to $40

Instrument Care Supplies

Every musician knows that is is super important to take care of their instrument, so getting them the supplies to help them do so is an awesome idea! Plus, the price range of care supplies is super friendly to many different budgets! We love the care supplies from Music Nomad, they are super high quality at a great price! They make care supplies for all types of instruments; drums, pianos, keyboards, band instruments, guitars, you name it they probably have it! And they are constantly releasing new items to make caring for instruments a breeze! You can shop our entire selection of Music Nomad care supplies here

Drum Sticks - $10

Drum Sticks

Sticks are to drummers what picks are to guitarists. You need them to play and you can never have too many. And starting at under $10 a pair they are pretty affordable!

Cowbell - $11




MORE COWBELL! Okay, it's a joke but also kind of not! Cowbells are definitely a thing that percussionists will use, plus it's sure to get a chuckle when they open it! (If you don't understand this reference, please watch this video)

Guitar/Ukulele Strap - Starting at $10

Guitar StrapGuitar Strap

A guitarists favorite fashion accessory (bet you didn't know guitarists were such fashionistas ;)). There are so many different designs and fabrics to choose from and starting at just $10 there is something for every budget and every style! We carry a large selection of guitar straps that will suit every style out there, so check out our inventory here

Shoulder Rest - $20 to $25

Everest Shoulder Rests

Violinists and violists know how necessary a shoulder rest is. It's pretty hard to play if your instrument keeps sliding off your shoulder! So give them a snazzy new one! We even have them in lots of awesome colors!

Headphones - Starting at $50


A quality pair of headphones is a must for every musician or musicophile. It is a whole new experience to listen to your favorite songs through headphones that have excellent sound quality. Don't be fooled by overhyped and overmarketed 'fashion' brands.  Superior quality headphones can be had for alot less $$$.  And if your musician is into recording their music, a pair of studio monitor headphones will make recording so much easier and more fun! We carry many options from Yamaha and Audio-Technica that will combine top-notch sound quality with comfort so you can listen for long periods of time! Shop them all here

Keyboard Stand and Bench Combo - $60

Keyboard BenchSingle Braced Keyboard Stand

It is really hard to play a keyboard if you don't have something to put it on or something to sit on while playing. That is why this holiday season we have created a bundle that includes a single braced keyboard stand and bench for only $60. This offer is not for sale online at this moment, but if you are wanting to take advantage of this great deal, call 801-399-1418 and we will get you taken care of! 

Effects Pedals - Starting at $80

Effects PedalEffects Pedal

Effects pedals are so much fun for any guitarist or bassist! It allows them to completely change the sound of their instrument with just a tap of their foot! Pedals come in a variety of different effects possibilities. From distortion to reverb, fuzz to wah we carry them all! You can shop our entire selection of effects pedals here. 

Still not sure what you want to get the musician on your list this year? You can browse our whole online inventory using the products tab at the top of your screen. Or gift cards are always an excellent idea as well! Happy shopping! 

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