September 05, 2023

This guitar is one that we have been EXTREMELY excited for! 

About a year ago we were in the Breedlove dealer portal looking at information on another guitar when we stumbled across a model we were not aware of, a Premier series Concertina with a Sinker Redwood top and Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, a true gem of a guitar by any standard. After a few emails back and forth between us and the team at Breedlove, it came out that we had found the info on a limited edition model that had not yet been announced and were able to get first dibs on ordering the guitar. After waiting what felt like forever to receive this model, it exceeded all of our expectations! 

The Concertina body is Breedlove's take on a parlor body, a 12 fret to body model that has a bigger sound and more comfortable profile than the traditional parlor body. 

Sinker Redwood has long been known as one of the most dynamic and responsive top woods for acoustic guitars. And Brazilian Rosewood is the rarest and most sought after tonewood in the guitar world, it has actually been illegal to harvest since 1992 and also requires its own passport of sorts in order to cross country borders. It has a rich tone with deep, booming bass response. 

Combining that tonewood combination with the Concertina body, it produces a guitar with a rich, responsive tone. Fingerstyle players will LOVE this instrument.

Aesthetically, Breedlove kept with a very understated and natural with figured Maple binding and rosette, interlocking diamond fretboard inlay, and a traditional slotted headstock. 

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