September 26, 2023

We could not be more excited to add Lowden Guitars to our product lineup and are celebrating by featuring this F-35 with Red Cedar top and Walnut back and sides!

Lowden is known for crafting some of the most high quality guitars around using unique techniques such as their dolphin bracing, as well as their unique body shapes. They use all AAAA grade woods for incredible tone and appearance.

The Lowden F body is going to be most similar to an OM body in common guitar bodies, but it has been optimized to provide more volume and resonance for a very dynamic sound. Lowden guitar in general will just give you a little bit "more" of all the great qualities you look for in a guitar - more resonance, more volume, more versatility, just more. Many of our customers have commented that you can FEEL the difference when playing a Lowden compared to other guitars in the same build tier. 

The 35 series gives you a lot of different options in terms of tonewoods, and this particular guitar features a stunning combination of Red Cedar and Walnut for a really great fingerstyle tone. The Red Cedar will give a nice, warm tone while the Walnut is really dynamic and responsive.

The 35 series also features a 5 piece neck for added strength and a really cool aesthetic, and as with all Lowdens, the headstock is capped front and back in Ancient Bog Oak. It also features an abalone rosette. 

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